27-Jan-2009 06:56 pm

Tuesday, 27th January 2009: No more Valuations:

I will no longer be giving free valuations on G&W items, but I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the people who have sent me their queries in the past.

There are several reasons why I've taken this decision.

I am not as "in the loop" as I was when I used to be a hardcore collector. So although I still have a fair idea about which are the "Mega Rare" games, and which are the "Common" games, I am not scouring the web in the way that I was a couple of years ago.

A lot of people choose to ignore my clear request for pictures, and I've got bored of telling them that "a valuation based purely on a description is meaningless".

I don't have the time that I once did (post-studenthood), so it's one commitment I can do without.

Instead of emailing me, you should do what I end up telling most people in any case (!!) -> Check Ebay "Completed Listings".

21-Feb-2008 07:52 pm

21st February, 2008 Updates to Website:

I have spent a few hours this week updating my "Collecting Guide". I don't think there are too many revelations, but I've re-written it in a Q&A style, so it should be easier to use.

Other than that, I've put in a few "conditions" regarding the FREE valuations that I give. I will continue to give FREE valuations (with no strings attached), but I thought it was time I made it clear that I can't give accurate valuations without seeing pictures of the item I am valuing.

It's obvious really, but I have received an increasing number of emails which say something like: "Hi there, I have a Super Mario Bros game. What's it worth?".

I make a point of replying to all the emails I receive, but I do need more to work with!

Peace and love to Game & Watch Collectors everywhere.

Jon (wtw) Kershaw

16-Jun-2007 12:34 am

Donation Page added:

I've worked very hard (and spent a lot of my own money) to make this site the joyous creation you see before you now.

By making a donation you will enable me to expand the services I offer (including reinstating the guestbook which I had to shut down because of spam abuse).

Donations can be made anonymously, but if you want to be credited and thanked on the site, I am more than happy to do that too!

Please make a donation.


15-Jun-2007 11:38 pm

Work started on my "Collecting Guide":

Headline says it all.

I've started writing a collecting guide (click on the link from the menu). I'm not sure how helpful it will be but your comments would be appreciated. I have been collecting Game & Watch games for five years, so I do know what I'm talking about to a certain extent....

Remember I am only expressing my opinion, and you are welcome to disagree with me.

04-Jun-2007 01:16 pm

"OLD" News which I want to preserve:

All 60 games (58 boxed) finally "achieved" on Friday 21st May, 2004

Many thanks to Scott from San Carlos, California for (unknowingly) providing me with the final piece of the jigsaw!!
(Mickey Mouse Panorama - Loose game). Just need 2 more boxes and I can retire. As if....

(June 2007 - I don't have a note of when I got to 60/60 but I did do it shortly after) !
Still plan to retire soon.. LOL.

04-Jun-2007 12:59 pm

"About me" page updated:

Couple of new (external) links, and one bit of "trivia" added.

04-Jun-2007 12:13 pm

Links Page Updated:

It's been a year and a half since I've written anything here, but that doesn't mean that the site has been inactive.

Quite the reverse, I'm always fiddling with it!

This "post" is just to let you know that I've updated my links page, so that all the links work (some of the sites had moved).

If you would like me to put your link on my site, visit the "links" page.



27-Nov-2005 02:10 pm

Nice AND rare items for sale currently:

I have decided to sell some of my prized possessions. My daughter will soon be old enough to draw on the boxes and I wouldn't want that to happen.
Please feel free to make me an offer on any of my "for sale" games.

Jon (wtw)

31-Jul-2005 05:47 pm

Added (good) pictures of all the Crystal Screens:

The title says it all.
I will be selling all my crystal screen games on ebay this week, but if you would like to make me an offer before I do, feel free to!

18-Jun-2005 09:17 pm

Finally added the "New Widescreen" series:

After months of faffing about, I have finally got round to cataloguing and photographing my games from the "New Widescreen" series ("Donkey Kong Jr" through to "Mario the Juggler").

I am starting to sell off any games from my collection that are not brand-spanking NEW condition, as I have decided to concentrate on Factory-New (c10) condition games from now on.

08-Apr-2005 05:23 pm

More Rare games for sale incl. Pocketsize!!:

I have put a number more games up for sale via the website, including a rare Donkey Kong Pocketsize game (VERSION 1 - even rarer than version 2, which is still rare!).

19-Mar-2005 08:55 pm

More games (for sale) added:

Available to buy: Super Mario Bros (special edition), Donkey Kong Circus (Panorama) and Crystal Screen Climber (NIB).

Please see my "for sale/trade" page! Cheers.

19-Mar-2005 03:43 pm

Games for Sale via the website:

I have decided to sell all my tabletop games - I never play them, and they are taking up space.

I will also be selling some of my rare (but not NIB) games, because I have decided to focus exclusively on NIB games for the collection.

Please check out my "for sale" page. Thank you.

10-Feb-2005 01:18 am

More pictures added:

Supercolor, Micro vs System and Crystal Screen pictures added

07-Feb-2005 09:58 pm

More pictures added:

Tabletop series pictures added.

07-Feb-2005 09:44 pm

More pictures added:

Multiscreen Pictures added to site

07-Feb-2005 12:35 pm

More Game pictures added:

Panorama Screen Pictures added to site!

04-Feb-2005 05:44 pm

Major improvements to the Website:

I have spent most of this afternoon ironing out niggly little problems with the website, with my (webdesigner) friend Tom.

Although the "look" of the site is similar to how it has been since December 2004, the site is "new and improved".

The games are now in the correct order (starting with "ball"). I have also upgraded the info on each game, so that you can see the condition grading of Box/Foam/Game/Instructions etc..

As time allows I will continue to add pictures to make it a more useful and interesting site.

Work continues..... :-)

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