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Model No. CN-07
Series Gold series
Release date 21st February, 1981



Ref No. Game Box Foam Instructions Language Working? Battery cover Batteries Price Pictures
40 c9.5 c8.5 c8.5 c9.5 English Yes Original Original Sold 5 pictures
Serial No. of Game Unit: 07549350
Other papers: Yellow caution slip and german information leaflet included
Box has (matching) serial number: 3754935
LR43 batteries are original, but opened (c6)
110 c9.4 - - c8.5 English Yes Original None Sold 3 pictures
Serial No. of Game Unit: 04706309
HEADACHE - UK only variation of the game "helmet".

The UK distributors were worried about the double meaning of "helmet"!!
The instructions are genuine - there was never a set of instructions done
especially for Headache.

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