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This page showcases the best examples I own (or have owned) of each game.

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Silver series Model Release date
Ball - 1st edition AC-01 28th April, 1980
Ball - 2nd edition AC-01 28th April, 1980
Flagman 1st edition FL-02 5th June, 1980
Flagman 2nd edition FL-02 5th June, 1980
Vermin MT-03 10th July, 1980
Fire RC-04 31st July, 1980
Judge (purple) IP-05 4th October, 1980
Judge (green) IP-05 4th October, 1980
Gold series Model Release date
Manhole MH-06 29th January, 1981
Helmet CN-07 21st February, 1981
Lion LN-08 29th April, 1981
Widescreen series Model Release date
Parachute PR-21 19th June, 1981
Octopus OC-22 16th July, 1981
Popeye PP-23 5th August,1981
Chef FP-24 8th September, 1981
Mickey Mouse MC-25 9th October, 1981
Egg EG-26 9th October, 1981
Fire FR-27 4th December, 1981
Turtle Bridge TL-28 1st February, 1982
Fire Attack ID-29 26th March, 1982
Snoopy Tennis SP-30 28th April, 1982
Multiscreen series Model Release date
Oil Panic OP-51 28th May, 1982
Donkey Kong DK-52 3rd June, 1982
Mickey & Donald DM-53 12th November, 1982
Greenhouse GH-54 6th December, 1982
Donkey Kong II JR-55 7th March, 1983
Mario Bros MW-56 14th March, 1983
Rainshower LP-57 10th August, 1983
Lifeboat TC-58 25th October, 1983
Pinball PB-59 5th December, 1983
Blackjack BJ-60 15th February, 1985
Squish MG-61 17th April, 1986
Bombsweeper BD-62 15th June, 1987
Safebuster JB-63 6th January, 1988
Goldcliff MV-64 19th October, 1988
Zelda ZL-65 26th August, 1989
Tabletop series Model Release date
Donkey Kong Jr CJ-71 28th April, 1983
Mario's Cement Factory CM-72 28th April, 1983
Snoopy SM-73 5th June, 1983
Popeye PG-74 17th August, 1983
Panorama series Model Release date
Snoopy SM-91 30th August, 1983
Popeye PG-92 30th August, 1983
Donkey Kong Jr CJ-93 7th October, 1983
Mario's Bombs Away TB-94 10th November, 1983
Mickey Mouse DC-95 28th February, 1984
Donkey Kong Circus MK-96 6th September, 1984
New widescreen series Model Release date
Donkey Kong Jr DJ-101 26th October, 1982
Mario's Cement Factory ML-102 16th June, 1983
Manhole NH-103 24th August, 1983
Tropical Fish TF-104 8th July, 1985
Super Mario Bros. YM-105 8th March, 1988
Climber DR-106 8th March, 1988
Balloon Fight BF-107 8th March, 1988
Mario the Juggler MB-108 14th October, 1991
Supercolor series Model Release date
Spitball Sparky BU-201 7th February, 1984
Crab Grab UD-202 21st February, 1984
Micro vs. series Model Release date
Boxing BX-301 31st July, 1984
Donkey Kong 3 AK-302 20th August, 1984
Donkey Kong Hockey HK-303 13th November, 1984
Crystal screen series Model Release date
Super Mario Bros YM-801 25th June, 1986
Climber DR-802 4th July, 1986
Balloon Fight BF-803 19th November, 1986
Special edition Model Release date
Super Mario Bros YM-901-S 19th August, 1987
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