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First, a message from our sponsors:

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GAME AND WATCH related links

Mike's Game and Watch Collection & Forum
This should be your first port of call.
Michael Panayiotakis (Greece) has a phenomenal collection, but he also hosts the most visited G&W forum on the planet.
Registration is free, and you can chat with like-minded collectors.
(Also a great place to brag if you've won an auction cheaply on ebay - a favourite pastime of mine)!
Mike has also produced an exhaustive FAQ about G&Ws (in collaboration with other collectors). A goldmine of information.

Torsten's Antique Videogame Collection - In The Attic
Torsten's Website (UK) - Possibly the best collection in the world? Certainly a contender!
Site packed with features including photos of every game, with associated box artwork and paperwork.
Want to know how much these games can sell for? Find out on Torsten's site. Bravo!

Taki's 80s handheld electronic games collection on WEB
Taki's Website (USA) - Another contender for the best collection in the world!
Taki has a complete boxed (and MINT) Pocketsize collection, with pictures to prove it. Respect! - Patrick Gawaleus
Patrick's Website - A technically and visually impressive site by a new collector from Switzerland!
Includes a forum. :)

fredriks Game & Watch site
Wonderfully laid out website with impressive "for sale" & "trades" page!
Too bad he never replies to emails!! ;)

Barmy collector - Julien from France! Welcome to the madness.
He is a "game and watch" collector (honest) - follow the cats!!! - JD(Hiparco)
A new site from a keen Spanish Collector. Currently only available with Spanish Text,
but JD promises me that the "English" site is on it's way!

Innis Tynan's Website
Innis Tynan (Australia) has a fine collection, and an excellent "how to repair" section on his website.

QJ's Game & Watch On-line Collection
You should pay serious attention to what Matt (from the UK) says. One of the good guys!

Eelkejan Zijlstra's Game and Watch site
Eelkejan Zijlstra (Holland) - Visit his well-planned site with lots of pics - includes 'for sale' items !

Francesco Gottardo from Italy - A new collector
Francesco Gottardo from Italy is a new collector. He has a range of handheld games including G&W!

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