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02-Mar-2008 02:21 pm

Jonathan Kershaw - SITE OWNER - 2nd March, 2008:

Due to the high levels of Offensive/Spam comments being left I have reluctantly decided to disable the guestbook until I can sort out a secure interface.

26-Feb-2008 04:36 pm


The guestbook is now active!

02-Nov-2005 08:59 pm

D to the E to the V to the S to the T to the E to:

the R!!!

Spam is back again!! Whart's wrong man, you don't call, you don't write?

27-Oct-2005 12:48 pm

Jon (wtw):

Viagra spam all gone (for now!)

Boy is this guestbook busy... ;-)

25-Oct-2005 09:59 pm


Hey Jonners, whats with all the viagra spam, you having trouble getting it up!! ;)

Mike - I was only joking you know? My site it probably the worst site ever!!! Something to be proud of I guess.


16-Sep-2005 09:38 am

Jon (wtw) - site owner::

Well said Mike - I couldn't agree more :-) :-)

22-Aug-2005 04:36 pm


I've seen your webpage, "DEVSTER" and it looks like crap!!

06-Aug-2005 12:19 pm


nice site!
nice collection 2!!


17-Jul-2005 10:06 pm

Jon (wtw) - site owner:

Howdee James and Rich,

Nice to hear from you both! Thanks for the compliments. I try...

As for bargains? Well, I've paid a lot of money for all these games in the first place (I've not ever found a G&W at a car-boot sale or similar :-( so the prices I am asking are *usually* a reflection of what I paid +10%)....

Not always, but in most cases :-)

so you won't find "bargains" in the sense of a boxed flagman for £200 (wouldn't that be nice).

At least I take decent pictures, and you're welcome to make me an offer on any item!

BTW (James) - You beat me to a nice Mario Bros:

Gutted I didn't get it!!

17-Jul-2005 07:48 pm

James Linden:

Hi John,

First time contact for me.

just been checking out your collection, PRETTY IMPRESSIVE!!, makes mine look far too small (so to speak)

Let me know if your selling any bargains.



13-Jul-2005 12:29 pm

rich (rj5498):

I really like this site, congratulations on the completion of youre collection.
wish you all the best.

08-Mar-2005 10:50 pm

Jon (wtw):

Thanks Eggie and Paul,

Don't believe a word Paul says - He never updates his website... ;-)

Don't know why I did the "wink" he really doesn't ever update his website...

03-Mar-2005 12:21 am


Hi Jon,

I don't think that your website is very good at all. What''s everyone going on about?

If you want to see a professional looking site then check this out, you could learn a thing or two!

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!


27-Feb-2005 09:40 pm

Egbert (Eggie):

Nice site Jon, better than the old one...
Good luck with collecting...



23-Feb-2005 11:28 am

Jon (withthewind) Kershaw - Site Owner!!:

Links have been added to the "links" page -

Don't sweat it Pieter (sAner)!!

If you have a G&W-related page and would like me to put a link to your page, send me an email by clicking on the "email" link - simple really.

08-Feb-2005 06:55 am

David (Gawcol):

Hi John,

I really like the professional look of this site,
keep up the good work!


28-Dec-2004 02:02 pm


Hi Jon,

Great new website!
All the best for the year 2005...

Matijs (matsor27)

24-Dec-2004 08:05 am

Innis Tynan (pulse8, pulseight):

Hi Jon.

Wow, what an improvement! Looks great mate! Makes me realise how out-of-date mine is becoming... Which reminds me... Feel free to add my site to your links page. (just steal the banner for yourself cos I can't be bothered :p )

I look forward to seeing your site 100% finished :))

Chat soon,

22-Dec-2004 11:58 pm


Hi Jon,

Your new website looks great! Though you have to finish adding your collection/for sale items.

All in all, its very well done, Congrats! And best wishes for XMAS and the new year.

Pat (Fox)

22-Dec-2004 09:41 pm


... and where's the link to my website .... :(


22-Dec-2004 09:40 pm

Pieter (sAner) van der Horst:

Hello Jon,

Your new lay-out looks awesome! You have INDEED been busy. :) Congrats on a fine new site. :)

Merry x-mas and all the best for 2005.

Pieter a.k.a. sAner

Ps-2 words ....: mouse & mat! ;)

22-Dec-2004 10:20 am

Jon (withthewind) Kershaw - Site Owner!! (Again):

Historic moment: Wednesday 22nd December, 2004

The NEW website lives! This was probably a bit of a shock to the casual visitor. This will mean I am able to display my collection and "for sale" items more effectively.


Jon (withthewind) Kershaw

16-Dec-2004 11:27 am

Jon (withthewind) Kershaw - Site Owner!!:

Howdee Folks!

Welcome to my new website. It has been months in the planning and weeks in the preparation - (and this is it? you ask!)

Well it's a little more "functional" than the last one. Please "sign" my guestbook and if you have any questions you would like the whole world to see, then please leave them here also. I will reply at the earliest opportunity!


Jon (wtw)

PS It's not currently possible to modify entries (unlike on Mike's G&W forum) so if you want a "post" to be deleted just drop me a line!

Guestbook comments are now disabled - sorry!

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