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(Updated: October 2009)

My wife and I are professional musicians. I play the bassoon (a large woodwind instrument) and she plays the french horn.
We run a Music Shop specialising in Printed Music (Sheet Music) of all sorts, Accessories (Music Stands, Metronomes, Guitar Strings etc.) and Musical Gifts (Anything from Pencils and cards, through to teapots and boardgames with a musical theme).

Pay us a visit (online or in person), and you will be amazed by the range of stock we offer:

KERSHAW MUSIC - homepage
KERSHAW MUSIC - on facebook

I go by the name Jonwiththewind on ebay - My Ebay page.

My personal online homepage is here (in need of updating)

TRIVIA: I went to the same school as Chris Martin (Coldplay frontman) - I was a couple of years above him - and I can well remember his early performances in the BSR (in Suit & Tie, of course). What a journey he's had from those "rocking honkies" days... !

I mention this not just because it's vaguely interesting, but because I reckon including his name here may increase traffic to "Game and Watch NOW!". Welcome, Coldplay fans! ;)

This picture (March 2004) probably tells you all you need to know about my strange Game & Watch obsession.

Flagman [FL-02] is undoubtedly one of the rarest Game & Watch games, especially boxed/complete.
This picture was taken on my honeymoon (my wife was already having doubts at this stage) while we were visiting
the Seychelles of the North - Benbecula, Scottish Hebrides.

I didn't know they took "Game & Watch" so seriously in Scotland....

Just to show that my wife Jacqueline has been 100% supportive of my collecting addiction -
Here is a picture of her surrounded by our collection.

December 27th, 2003

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